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Hendel’s Begins Selling New Air Conditioning Units

As we serviced and repaired air conditioners we sometimes found units that needed to be replaced. We were not equipped to install new air conditioner units at that time and had to refer customers to other companies. We did not like losing this business and decided to take the necessary steps to be able to sell new air conditioning units. This also included purchasing the equipment for a sheet metal shop.

We began searching for a bigger building that would be large enough to house a sheet metal shop. We found a 1,200 square foot building at Baseline and Price in Tempe and successfully negotiated and signed a lease. One of our suppliers told us of an air conditioning company that was for sale.

We contacted the company and purchased all of their sheet metal shop equipment. We also hired their employee, Roger Ferguson, to fabricate metal air duct. To keep Roger busy we started advertising the installation of evaporative coolers, which were popular at that time. Roger eventually retired from Hendel’s but we kept his position filled.

Hendel's Sheet Metal Equipment | Home Depot's Ad Comparing Hendel's

Home Depot takes Notice!

One Sunday morning I was barely out of bed and Linda came running in the bedroom. She was very excited as she showed me a full-page ad in the newspaper. Our advertising was so effective that Home Depot had targeted Hendel’s Air Conditioning stating in their ad: "We’ll beat Hendel’s Price by 5%."

We felt our company was finally was on the map. You cannot imagine the recognition we received from our suppliers and colleagues alike. I decided to spend more of my time working on the marketing aspect of the business.
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