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Laurie Hendel

I started working at Hendel’s in January 1998 when I was 22 years old. I had worked as a waitress and wanted to get out of the restaurant industry, so I came to Hendel’s and starting answering phones and helping with the bookkeeping.

I started at a very low wage, worked 50 hours per week. I opened the store every morning. I didn’t know anything about the equipment so I just started watching and listening. I kept my ears open. Sometimes I would go near a salesperson and a customer while pretending to be dusting just so I could hear what was being said. In this way I actually learned how to sell air conditioning equipment.

By listening and watching I learned a lot and found that I could frequently answer customers’ questions when they came to Hendel’s. After two years I began to sell. I became successful because I acquired a lot of product knowledge.

I eventually became the top salesperson at Hendel’s. Some people were reluctant to deal with a woman but I proved myself with my confidence and product knowledge.

Laurie Hendel

I am very proud of my parents for how hard they have worked, for how they have organized things, and I realize the responsibility of assuming the accounting functions from my mother, after she has handled it for 33 years. But I am hard working and it is just a matter of time until I learn all the aspects of accounting.

We hire quality people and do top notch work at a competitive price. Customers will continue to recommend Hendel’s. Hendel’s biggest challenge will be to continue to find and employ quality people. Sometimes people think that working for a family organization would be a challenge but it is not because we are here for the long haul. We will always treat our employees the same way we treat our customers, fairly.

Hendel’s is without a doubt the most unique air conditioning company in the entire world!
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