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Radio Ad Studio

One day I made arrangements with a radio station to play an ad I had written. I wanted to continue our advertising strategy of using about half of the ad time speaking on a subject unrelated to air conditioning, somehow tying the subjects together. I was surprised when the recording engineer asked me to voice the message. To my amazement I didn’t sound too bad! So I continued to write new ads and voice them myself. It would take several hours to write the ad, drive to the radio station, voice the ad, and then wait until the technicians edited it.

To more efficiently produce radio ads we purchased editing equipment and set up our own sound studio within the new building. Today we can create a new ad, voice, edit and compress it, and then e-mail it to the radio station all within one hour. As with other forms of advertising we used up to one-half of the ad time talking about an unrelated subject in order to get people’s attention. The radio ads have been successful and our studio has provided me a platform to express my views on topics of interest. The radio stations tell us we are the only company that has this type of technology.

The business has gained more than substantial recognition within the air conditioning industry. Manufacturer’s representatives from all over the country regularly visit Hendel’s. They consistently agree that Hendel’s is the most extraordinary air conditioning company they have ever visited!

A regional manager of the American Standard Trane Co. said, "There’s no other air conditioning company that even begins to approach what you and Linda have done here." The president of Lennox Industries International recently visited Hendel’s and stated, "I’ve visited air conditioning companies all over the world. With your beautiful building, your warehouse, showroom and computer system, Hendel’s is the finest air conditioning company I have ever seen."

Hendel's New Showroom | Joe and Linda Hendel

Joe and Linda Retire

In January 2002 Linda and I announced our retirement. Linda and I realized that a full retirement will take some time but we are confident that with the leadership of Ted Janssen as the service manager, our daughter Laurie and her husband Rob managing the office staff and handling the business accounting, and with our son Robert developing more sophisticated computer software, that the company will continue to grow and prosper.
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