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Past Experiences were Beneficial

We were very grateful for the skills that we had developed along the way. Every past experience that Linda and I learned became important in the ongoing success of Hendel’s. Linda’s background in accounting was a key to our success.

Originally, at the end of the day I entered the sales into a ledger. Since Linda had accounting training and experience she decided that she should do the books and she’s been doing an outstanding job ever since. Linda handles all of the day-to-day entries and an outside accountant was hired to complete the monthly and year-end reports.

About this time we also decided that we wanted to focus on residential air conditioning service and repair. I did not have the background and training for commercial service. Additionally we wanted to be the best at what we did and there was no shortage of work in the residential area.

While still at the apartment on West Fifth Street we learned how important it is to be ready before the air conditioning season arrives. If we were going to be successful it would be necessary to handle all the business that came our way. We learned that organization and time management is critical in a seasonal business.

Hendel's Ledger Books | Hendel's First Location

First Rented Location

Although Linda and I subsequently moved into a roomy apartment at 410 West Pebble Beach in Tempe we still worked out of our home. We now had three service trucks and there was a lot of activity at our apartment. As you can imagine we began to hear complaints from our neighbors.

To solve this problem we rented a small 10’ x 10’ office near Broadway and McClintock in Tempe. This small office provided a place to store some parts and also a place to park the trucks. Linda answered the phone but this was becoming a burden because she was also raising our two children. So we decided it would be best if we relied more on the answering service to help out.
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