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Our First Home

Business was good so we decided that it was time to buy a house. We found a home on Geneva Street in Tempe for which we paid $36,000.00. The house was just a few years old but there was a lot of repair work that needed to be done. During our "off-season" I painted the entire house both inside and out. Linda and I installed new floor coverings by ourselves. I also installed an evaporative cooler and improved the landscaping by planting several gardens. We lived in the house for two and a half years and then sold the home for $68,000.00. We then purchased a beautiful new home on Sesame Street in Tempe where we raised Robert and Laurie and lived there for 17 years.

Hendel's First Home | Hendel's SHOWROOM

A Retail Location

The business growth continued unabated and we quickly outgrew the small space we rented on McClintock and Broadway. Linda and I decided that we should have a more professional image so we rented a storefront in Danell Plaza at Mill and Southern in Tempe.

We also hired a person to handle all the phone calls and sell parts at the retail counter. The parts sales helped pay the salary of our first in-house employee. We helped home and apartment owners make their own air conditioning repairs. The idea to sell parts proved to be a good move, not only did it bring more income; it brought recognition to the company. At that time the retail sale of air conditioning parts was unheard of.
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