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Hendel’s Applied Computer Technology Early

At the rate Hendel’s was growing Linda and I decided to purchase a computer. We went to a Radio Shack store and purchased a model # TRS-80 with an 8 inch monitor. Our banker thought we were loony when we borrowed $7,000 for computer equipment. That early-model computer was a great investment as it allowed us to become computer literate. It helped manage the company’s inventory and customer records at that time.

In the mid-1980s our son Robert was attending Arizona State University and studied computer programming. One day Robert advised us that our computer we were so proud of was a “piece of junk” and he recommended a new Apple Macintosh computer. Robert became interested in the company and began developing the databases that eventually became a central management tool and a major factor in our ongoing success.

Robert’s programming skills have helped the business maintain inventory control, handle all the accounting functions including payroll, general ledger, receivables, payables, track advertising dollars, maintain customer records, record mechanical measurements, cross reference files, etc. Over the years the company has downloaded and stored on its hard drives the equivalent of the white pages of the Phoenix phone book.

Linda Hendel | Laurie Hendel

Sophisticated Computer System

The advanced computer system now runs on a series of networked Macintosh computers throughout the building. Hendel’s salespeople can generate a complete and professional proposal package in less than a minute. Robert also developed systems for dispatching technicians, storing mechanical measurements and customer records. He even developed a system for tracking the source of customer inquiries.

Hendel’s knows exactly where every new customer comes from. Currently 19% of new business comes from Yellow Page ads, 6% from the Internet, and 37% from people who drive by and see the new building, 16% from referrals, 18% from radio advertising, and 4% from other sources. The system developed by Robert has brought a level of efficiency and customer service not seen in the air conditioning industry.
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