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Planning to Own a Business

I mentioned to Linda that I missed having my own business. I told Linda that I dreamed of having my own air conditioning business. Linda was very supportive and positive about this idea and she encouraged me to think more seriously about my dream.

Not long after this we purchased a book titled, "Modern Air Conditioning." It explained the basics of air conditioning. I left Motorola after being employed there for three years and took a job at Corky’s Air Conditioning. Corky’s turned out to be a good place for me to learn more about the air conditioning business. There was little direction or management within the company so I was able to take a little extra time to confirm my diagnostics and make effective repairs. I learned a lot but did not earn a lot.

About this time changes were taking place in Linda’s life as well. Linda also left Motorola as other opportunities became available. She accepted a job as a file clerk in accounts payable at Salt River Project and began taking accounting classes at Mesa Community College. Linda was a straight A student!

Hendel’s Accounting Ledger Book

Working in the Air Conditioning Industry

After a season at Corky’s Air Conditioning I found work at Isley’s Air Conditioning. When I applied I found the job required welding experience. I badly wanted the job but I had never welded anything in my life! However, I learned not to let things like lack of experience get in my way.

I practiced welding at a friend’s garage over an entire weekend. The next day I began welding air conditioning compressor mounts for farm machines and foreign cars. There were no "factory made kits" available for these types of applications and we had to custom produce them.

Isley’s Air Conditioning was also in the business of home air conditioning repair and service. While welding compressor mounts I worked alongside the technicians and spent a lot of time bending their ears about service and repair techniques. While at Isley’s I was fortunate to learn how to gas weld aluminum. However, at the end of the busy season I was laid off.
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