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Comparison Shopping Increases Sales

The original 1,200 square foot retail space in Tempe was later expanded to 4,500 square feet. One day Doug Bahr, a sales rep for Central Distributing, visited me. Although it was never my practice to accept supplier invitations to lunch, he insisted that I visit him to see a revolutionary new product. It was about 1988. Doug showed me an old air conditioning unit alongside a new one. He handed me an amperage meter and I measured the amount of current being used by both units. I was amazed to see that the new unit used about half the energy of the old one! Clearly there had been a major design improvement in the way the compressors operated!

Coincidentally, that same week Linda and I were shopping for a new refrigerator. We visited an appliance store and noticed about twenty refrigerators side by side. I looked at Linda and said, "Why don’t we display air conditioners like this? We’ll be the first company to offer our air conditioning customers comparison shopping."

Again we copied an idea and set up two air conditioners in our small showroom at Baseline and Price. The display compared an old unit and a modern high-efficiency unit. We invited customers to come in and see the savings they could realize by converting to modern day air conditioning. Overnight our new air conditioning unit sales increased! The concept was so successful, that almost everyone who came to the showroom purchased a new unit.

A/C Product Comparison | Hendel's Crane

Hendel’s Buys a Crane to Improve Efficiency

We had to hire crane service to lift air conditioners onto rooftops. I noticed a lot of time was wasted while our employees waited for sub-contracted crane service. Sometimes the crane was delayed several hours before it arrived at the job site even though our employee had been there on time. In 1996, Linda and I decided it was time to buy our own crane.

The crane was very expensive but we knew it would be a sound investment. This has helped increase our efficiency a great deal! We schedule the crane to get to the job site at the same time as our employees. Currently we are able to install as many as nine new air conditioning units per day.
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