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Ted Janssen

I have been working at Hendel’s for 22 years, as of this year, 2003! When I first came here I had just completed air conditioning school. I came to buy a part and Joe hired me to sell parts at the counter and assist with the telephone traffic and dispatch.

I didn’t know much about the equipment at first and handled the parts purchases for a while. However, I did go out in the field with the technicians and learned a great deal from them. I worked several summers in the field and learned to be an accomplished tech. This experience helped me handle my management responsibilities at Hendel’s.

I currently manage the entire service department. I make sure we have sufficient staff to handle our workload. I also maintain more than an adequate inventory of parts and supplies. My position requires me to deal with time-sensitive issues and communicate with customers. I am the “answer man” for the entire service department.

Ted Janssen

While I was in the service I learned how to deal with responsibility and once I am committed to something I continue with it! There is no reason to walk away; there is no reason to go anywhere else. I never had a father figure and Joe has, in many ways, filled that role for me. I have learned a great deal from him and he has taught me much of what I needed to know in life.

I admire Joe and Linda for their honesty. They truly care about customers and this has been instilled in me. Joe is very organized and I have learned to be organized too.
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