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Implementing Others’ Successful Models

As Linda and I traveled around town we always observed other businesses. We searched for things that might have contributed to their success and thought about how we might apply their methods to our business. One day I called a Radio Shack store. The person answered, "Hello, this is Radio Shack, your technology store where we have the answers and guaranteed lowest prices. How can I be of assistance to you today?" After several minutes of flipping through pages the person replied that he was not familiar with the particular product that I sought. I thanked him for trying and his reply was, "No problem."

Linda and I decided that henceforth a phone call to Hendel’s would simply be answered, "Hendel’s." We inserted this in our policy manual. We also decided that only knowledgeable, experienced employees would answer our phones. When we finished assisting a customer on the phone we would simply conclude the call by saying, "Thank you." We also cancelled our telephone answering service.

Another day I went to a supplier to pick up some parts. I noticed that several competitors’ technicians were just standing around the Coke machine wasting time. I decided that from that time forward all parts would be delivered to Hendel’s rather than "picked up" and Hendel’s employees would be kept busy in the field.

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Hendel’s Policy Manuals

Over the years I continued to make entries into the policy manual. One day we found a professional format for a policy manual. We spent a lot of time converting the text to the new format. Now we have three policy manuals that cover the various job categories at Hendel’s. They have been very important to our success.
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